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Jul 04 2016

So, a little more about GreenBeautyBites.

Not yet just another on-line green beauty shop.


A green beauty product on-line shop, yes.


Green is good for your health, I think we all agree on that.

But there is organic/natural and then there is organic/natural.


Here is what you will NOT find in our products (except for some of the nail polishes):
Synthetic preservatives,
Synthetic fragrances,
(SLS ie Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, SLES ie Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, MIPA...),
Aluminium Salts,
Alcohol denat,



Water, even filtered, as the main ingredient, is still water you're paying for.

Alcohol in high proportion, even though organic labelled and all won't do much good to your skin. Alcohol, organic or not, is drying on the skin, and still create reactions or allergies. We're only fine with a little alcohol, in some make-up you'll apply on top of your care, in good hair products, to help with hold for example.

We are also very careful with Benzyl alcohol in our skincare products. Although it is an acceptable preservative for all organic certifications, a lot of sensitive skins react to it, so we try to steer clear of it mainly. You'll find it in a couple of make-up we have, the skin being protected by your care routine, it has less to no impact and is usually tolerated.

As stated above, nail polishes are another topic entirely, and you should use them knowingly, as we stated in the product sheets.


And beautiful products ending up with only 10% organic or natural products in them, when reading the fine prints? We've all been there, right? Don't get me started on the green-washing marketing teams can do. Some of them are really worth all the client's paying for...


But we simply want to use

great products (meaning effective, long-lasting, trendy and fun - yes organic can be trendy and fun too!),

of good quality (ingredients & brand philosophy included of course),

worth our money (a very little goes a long way because of above-mentioned qualities),

and if they can look good too in our bathroom that won't hurt either.


Easy peasy right?


So we thought we were not the only ones thinking like this, and decided to share our finds, knowledge (more to come on this) and bit of humour (yeah, sorry about that) with you.

So that you can come here, trust our collections safely knowing we did read the fine prints for you (eliminating some ingredients of our safe list, even though they are sometimes certified by some organic labels) , we did try out all the products for you, AND we give you all the tips and all for best / smartest / funniest uses.


And of course we partnered with some amazing brands so that care and make-up, organic or natural, are still fun and comfortable, a greater pleasure of use and work wonders, lasting over time. For the whole family.


That's all is.


We really, sincerely do hope you'll enjoy the ride with us.

We have so much more in store for you.


See you soon at the checkout counter!



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