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ILIA Beauty Spring Collection - In? Out!

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Mar 29 2017

ILIA Beauty launched a new Spring 2017 collection with two pressed Essential Eye-shadow Palettes and an Natural Brightening Eye Primer as seen below.

ILIA Spring 2017 Products


We wanted to let you know why we won't be carrying them on :
They contain silicones, ingredients we don't really care much on our skin, furthermore on yours.

In the house, we're very happy to have silicone seals to avoid disasters in the kitchen or bathroom, but on the contrary, we prefer our skin breathing and not "sealed in" like this (sealed in with serum or oils, we're all for it, it doesn't prevent the skin to breath happily!).


This is the same reason why we don't carry in our range the Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturisers and the Radiant Beauty Balm at the moment. If the ingredient listing should change, we'll be happy to include them, of course!


ILIA's Brushes though may come in later, keep your eyes peeled.


To keep you happy though, we do have novelties from ILIA Beauty, if you haven't checked them out already:
- New Vivid Foundation colours,
- SPF Tinted Lip Conditioners, Bombora a warm red hue, and Komoko a cool muted mauve, to please all complexions,
- We've also completed our range of Bestsellers' Tinted Lip Conditioners with NEW and Limited Edition shades : Pink Moon (limited edition), Lust For Life (100% natural dyes), In Paradise, Dizzy...


 ILIA Kokomo SPF Tinted Lip Conditioner ILIA Lipsticks and Tinted Lip Conditioners ILIA Vivid Foundation




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